CDC Committee

(CDC) Members (2018-2022)

The List of College Development Committee members of MM’s Chandrashekhar Agashe College of Physical Education from A.Y 2018-19 to 2021-22 is given below
Sr. No. Designation Name
1. Ex-officio Chairperson Mr. Avinash Ghatpande
2. Secretary of the Management Mr. Rohan D. Damle
3. Head of PG Dept. & Coordinator, IQAC Dr. Sharad S. Aher
4. Representative – Teachers Dr. Ujwala L. Raje
5. Representative – Teachers Dr. Yogesh H. Bodke
6. Representative – Teachers Prof. Shirish V. More
7. Representative – Non-Teaching Staff Mr. Sitaram L.Vasave
8. Expert from Education Field Dr. Sanjeev A. Sonawane
9. Expert from Industry (Alumni) Mr. Ganesh Gawade
10. Expert from Research Dr. Raja Dixit
11. Expert from Social Services Mr. Ashish Desai
12. Member Secretary Prin. Dr. Sopan E. Kangane
13. President, Students Council
14. Secretary, Students Council