About CACPE Faculty & Staff

CACPE is empowered by its well-qualified and vastly experienced teaching faculty and support staff.

This empowerment enables CACPE to impart education and support to students in just the right manner & quantum. The qualifications and experience of the faculty in the field of physical education are but a testimony to their expertise. While many of the teachers / lecturers have completed advanced studies in the field by acquiring post-graduation degrees and doctorates, the junior faculty members are also well-qualified to support the seniors.

An able, competent and professional leadership to the faculty is given by the Principal, himself a Ph.D in the field and having more than 20 years of experience in teaching.

CACPE back-office staff, library staff and other administrative support staff are all of one mind and work towards the betterment of the College through their dedication, effort and service.

The faculty and staff are the pillars & catalysts of education and they are the prime movers in molding the personalities of the students at CACPE


Dr. Sopan Kangane (Principal)
Associate Professor (13A; 131400-217100)
B.A., M.A, B.Ed. (PE), M.Ed. (PE), M.Phil., Ph.D. SET, NSNIS Certificate Course in Basketball.

I joined CACPE in the year 1996. Presently I am an Associate Professor in Physical Education and also appointed as the Principal of the college. I have also worked as Dean for the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Pune. I am a recognized research guide and several students have been awarded MPhil and PhD under my guidance. I teach at both UG and PG levels, the subject areas I teach are Science of Sports Training, Essentials of Physical Education and Methods of Teaching History. In practical teaching, I teach Handball, Hockey and Table-Tennis. I have published more than 12 books on various areas in PE and sports. Many of my articles are published in research journals. I work on several important committees at the University and National level.

Contact:+91 9922279151; sssopi@gmail.com

Dr. Balaji Pote
Associate Professor (13A; 131400-217100)
B.A., M.A., B.P.Ed. M.P.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., SET, NSNIS Certificate Course in Athletics

I completed my post-graduation from Nanded and I joined CACPE in 1999 as a lecturer. Presently I am an Associate Professor and also a recognized Ph.D guide. The courses I teach are Management and Organization of Physical Education and Sports, Method of Teaching Marathi at UG and PG levels. I am in charge of the internal assessment work at the UG level. On the field I teach Athletics, Kabaddi and indigenous activities like Mallakhamb and Lezim. I have a Certificate in Athletics Coaching. I have authored a book on Indian Games and Sports. Few of my research articles are published in journals at national level. I take special interest in athletics officiating and track marking.

Contact: +91 9922278981; drbalajipote@gmail.com

Dr. Sharad Aher
Associate Professor (13A; 131400-217100)
B.A., B.Ed. (PE), M.Ed. (PE), M.Phil., Ph.D., SET

I have completed my Doctoral Degree in Physical Education from University of Pune. I am working as an Associate Professor at CACPE since the year 2016. Previously I worked as an Assistant Professor at Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Physical Education. I am responsible for teaching of Measurement and Evaluation, theory and practical, at both UG and PG programs. I take particular interest in teaching of fitness and conditioning specialization practical course. Till date a few of my research articles have been published at national and international level. I have also authored two books on Measurement and Evaluation and Sports and Games. I have completed two Minor research projects on Obesity & Fitness and Assessment Software. I love participating in physical activities and keeping myself and everyone around fit and healthy. In my leisure time I enjoy weight training, jogging and playing with my kids.

Contact: +91 9890025266; sharadaher3@gmail.com

Dr. Ujwala Raje
Assistant Professor (12; 79800-211500)
B.Com., M.Com, B.Ed. (PE), M.Ed. (PE), Ph.D., SET, NSNIS Certificate course in Basketball

I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Physical Education from CACPE. Before joining CACPE in the year 2000, I have worked as a PE Teacher, Teacher Educator in school and colleges in and around Pune. I teach Basketball and Aerobics to the UG students. The theory part that I teach is Sports Psychology at PG & UG, Teaching methods in Marathi & PE at UG level and Outdoor Education at PG level. I am responsible for the campus placement and in-charge (coordinator) of the ground practical and also am the Chairman of the Internal Complaints Committee. I take special interest in organizing events and setting up demonstrations for national and important day celebrations. I have participated in state and national conferences and seminars and presented & published papers in journals & proceedings. I also have special interests in Yoga and have undergone courses in Yoga.

Contact: +91 9822035682; ulrz610@gmail.com

Dr. Shraddha Naik
Assistant Professor (12; 79800-211500)
B.A., B.Ed.(PE), M.Ed.(PE), Ph.D., SET, NET

I completed my Bachelor’s and Masters degrees from CACPE in the year 2000 and I joined the college as an Assistant Professor in the same year. I am a member of the esteemed AIESEP. Earlier I have worked as an Assistant PE Teacher in Muktangan English School, Pune. My areas of interest for teaching and research are Pedagogy of Physical Education, Physical Activity, Evaluation and Physical education, Teacher Education and Adapted Physical Education. Few of my research articles are published in international and national journals and I have presented papers at national conferences. I am a recognized research adviser (Guide) for research programs. I take special interest in micro and practice PE teaching lessons. With the help of my research students, we have developed a very novel kind of a practical module for teaching PE. I teach Kabaddi, fitness and conditioning, aerobics in the practical component.

Contact: +91 9850880126; naik.shraddha@gmail.com

Dr. Shrikant Mahadik
Assistant Professor (12; 79800-211500)
B.Com., B.Ed.(PE), M.Ed.(PE), Ph.D., SET, NET

I have completed my Doctorate in Physical Education from University of Pune. I have worked on ‘Obesity in School-aged Girls’. I have presented and published some articles in conferences and journals. I teach Bio-mechanics and Kinesiology, Athletic Care & Rehabilitation and Methods of Teaching Mathematics at UG and PG levels. In practical I teach football, hurdles and sprinting events in athletics. I have been a national athlete and football player. In my free time, I play and also watch cricket and all sports events. I have special interest in watching, promoting and keeping track of Indian athletes in different games.

Contact: +91 9921678189; shrikant3049@gmail.com

Dr. Mahesh Deshpande
Assistant Professor (12; 79800-211500)
B.Sc., B.Ed.(PE), M.Ed.(PE), Ph.D., SET, NSNIS Certificate Course in Athletics

I have worked as a PE teacher in St Vincent’s High School, Pune for ten years before joining Bharti Vidyapeeth BPEd College as Principal. I joined CACPE in the year 2009 as an Assistant Professor. I am a past student of CACPE and proud to be working in the same college. I teach Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Research Methods and Fitness & Wellness at UG and PG levels. I am a recognized research guide for MPhil and PhD and many scholars have been awarded their MPhil and PhD degrees under my guidance. Several of my research articles are published in journals and I have presented papers in national and international conferences. On the field I deal with teaching of athletic events specially throwing events. I am a Right to Information Activist and in my leisure time along with physical activity, swimming, I help people exercise their Right to Information.

Contact: +91 7385313491; drmndeshpande@gmail.com

Dr. Yogesh Bodke
Assistant Professor (11; 68900-205500)
B.Sc., B.Ed. (PE), M.Ed. (PE), M.Phil.(PE), Ph.D., SET

Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics are areas of teaching and research interest. I teach Evaluation Procedures and Methods of Teaching Information Technology at UG level and Anthropometry practical at PG level. I take special interest in teaching fundamental movements and competence development. At PG I am responsible for a specialization course in Handball. In my doctoral studies, I have worked on Handball skill tests and tried to standardize the Handball skill tests suited to our state. I have participated in national conferences and seminars. I have represented the State of Maharashtra in the game of Handball senior level more than 12 times. I love playing Handball. In free time, I like to explore technology and its applications in the field of PE and Sports.

Contact: +91 9158009695; yogy100@gmail.com

Dr. Ameet Prabhu
Associate Professor (13A; 131400-217100)
B.A., B. Ed. (PE) M.Ed. (PE), Ph.D., SET, NET

I joined CACPE in 2009 after working as a Teacher Educator at BVUCPE, Pune and as Director of Physical Education at Waghire College, Saswad as I had more interest in teaching. I take particular interest in Sports Psychology (UG level) and Adventure Sports (PG level). In practical teaching, I teach Basketball and Fitness & Exercise (UG level), Conditioning & Exercise (PG level) and also undertake Basketball Specialization (both UG & PG level). I have published and presented few papers in National & International Conferences. I engage myself in variety of endurance activities regularly and enjoy playing Basketball and other major sports. I am a Certified Mountaineer and take special interest in mountaineering and trekking. Trekking, going into nature and exploring new places on weekends or vacations is followed as a routine by me.

Contact: +91 9922910629; prabhu.ameet@gmail.com

Shirish More
Assistant Professor (11; 68900-205500)
B.Com., B.Ed.(PE), M.Ed.(PE), M.Phil.(PE), Ph.D. (Pursuing), NSNIS Certificate Course in Soccer

After finishing my Master’s from CACPE, I joined MIT English medium school as a PE teacher. I completed my M.Phil from University of Pune and during this period I have also worked as teacher educator at Bharti Vidyapeeth BPED college. Later i joined MIT school of Management as a director of sports and Physical Education. I joined CACPE in the year 2009 as an Assistant Professor. Presently I am pursuing my Doctorate in Physical Education from University of Pune. I have presented a few papers in national conferences. I take special interest in teaching and research on Management of PE & Sports and also Philosophical Basis of Sports & PE. The field activities I teach are Kho-Kho, Minor Games and Modified Games. The area of my research work deals with fitness profiling of national level kho-kho players in India. I have represented state and university teams at Kho-Kho. I am also an active member of Pune District Kho-Kho Association. I like to play Cricket in my free time.

Contact: +91 9545455910; shirish.more100@gmail.com

Kumar Upadhyay
Assistant Professor 
B.Com., B.Ed.(PE), M.Ed.(PE), Ph.D. (Pursuing)

I am an ex-student of CACPE and after completing my Masters, I joined the College in the year 2011. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer from ISSA and I teach Fitness & Conditioning and Athletic Events on the field to the UG Class. The theory component I teach is Exercise Prescription & Fitness Management. I also run the Fitness Club at the Institute and help people in being physical active and getting in shape. I am an associate with the Ramesh Damle Kusti Kendra and the Course Coordinator for various fitness courses conducted under the Maharashtriya Mandal Fitness Academy.

Contact: +91 7720080055; kumarupadhye@gmail.com

Sumit Tambe
Assistant Professor 
B.Com., B.Ed.(PE), M.Ed.(PE), SET, NET, NSNIS Certificate Course in Athletics

I am an ex-student of CACPE and after completing my Masters, I joined the College in the year 2018. I teach Athletic Events (throws & jumps) on the field to the UG Class and Conditioning at PG Class. The theory component I teach is Theory of Sports & Games (PG) and Science of Sports Training (UG). I also train Athletes at a coaching center at Sanas Ground. I have qualified the Maharashtra State Technical Official Athletics exam with ‘A’ Grade. I like reading historic books and travelling at new destinations.

Contact: +91 8208212700; sumithammer99@gmail.com

Mrs. Aditi Buwa
Asst. Librarian 
MA; B.Ed (PE); M.L.Sc.

Before joining CACPE I have been active in Library field since 2011 and have worked at Pune Union Working Journalist (PUWJ). After joining CACPE in 2018 I have decided to implement a few things into the CACPE Library which includes Developing Information literacy and Dissemination of Information. Driving and Trekking are of great interest to me.

Contact: +91 8446519640