Alumni Views

It is with profound gratitude and appreciation that I write this testimony for the institution which has made me what I am today. Chandrashekhar Aghashe College of Physical Education has taught me absolutely everything I needed to know to be successful as a Physical Education Instructor in the field of Education. The training is undoubtedly the best one can have. I have learnt a lot from this very comprehensive, straightforward and instructive program. My experience at the college was excellent and it always remained knowledgeable and fun. The practical classroom applications gave me the confidence to be able to use my skills. The instructors gave a lot of encouragement, and the curriculum was great. I got real world knowledge and their focus on skills gave me a head start, helping me get my first job right away. The institution exhibits high quality work ethics. CACPE students show initiative and have positive attitude. Thank-you CACPE for offering such a great learning.

Deepali Kadam-Patil, Ex-student

CACPE has laid the foundation stone of physical education and made a turning a point in my career. I did my bachelors and topped the university exams in my masters. Cleared SET and NET exams and got a job at Fitkids Education and Training Pvt. Ltd though campus interview. Working at Fitkids as a physical education specialist where in we have to teach a variety of physical activities and sports has been a lot easier due to the training and knowledge imparted at CACPE. The campus is nice and teaching staff is very encouraging and supportive. It has been a great learning experience!

Jessica D'abreo, Ex-student (2009-2012)

I still remember the first day I came to India for my further studies which was like a dream comes true. Indeed, it was a dream which soon changed for me because in reality things are different. Staying alone, washing clothes, cooking, etc, all this were being carried out by me only without the support of anyone. Yet, it was a challenge for me and today I am proud because I know I did it… Studying in C.A.C.P.E was just a matter of luck for me because before coming here, I never heard of this college or of its location. It was purely a matter of chance and coincidence that I came in C.A.C.P.E and today I can proudly say that I form part of the team of C.A.C.P.E. This college has given me tremendous knowledge, wonderful and adorable teachers, superb friends and great memories. These 11 months were like a re-birth for me as a PE teacher. We have learnt so many things that it forces us to be and act as a good PE teacher. The whole syllabus of the B.Ed programme is made in such a way that it teaches us punctuality, discipline, patience, team spirit, honesty, sincerity, time management, fair play, etc. It encompasses all the ethics and values that a PE teacher should have and also values for a common individual as well. The atmosphere that reign in the campus of C.A.C.P.E is full of positive energy and full of high qualified, sincere, dedicated teachers as well as the Principal who make their best by devoting their whole time to the students. Thus, I can say that C.A.C.P.E is one of the most prestigious and best colleges in Physical education all over India.

Priyadarshini Gupta, International Student from Mauritius (2012-2013)