1. Why do I need to Study at CACPE only?
  2. What are the courses in physical education offered at CACPE?
  3. Does CACPE have the facility for distance learning?
  4. What in-house facilities does CACPE have?
  5. What facilities does CACPE provide for out-station students?
  6. Are there any short courses offered by CACPE?
  7. How can I get admission to CACPE?
  8. What are the durations and fees for the courses offered at CACPE?
  9. What are the extra-curricular activities conducted and encouraged by CACPE?
  10. What are the developmental activities offered by CACPE?
  11. Are there any vacation courses / camps offered by CACPE?
  12. What is the scope of employment after passing a course in physical education?
  13. What are the special benefits offered by CACPE to backward class students?
  14. What is the stature of CACPE vis-à-vis other colleges of physical education?